Tanzania aviation news update – Precision Air launches e-payments


Tanzania’s leading privately owned airline, Precision Air, has now formally launched their web based payment engine, which allows clients to settle their ticket cost by using the leading credit and debit cards. Plans for this were advancing well and when all technical requirements about transaction security had been met the airline ‘went live’ a few days ago to offer this new option to their faithful travelers.

More and more airline passengers in East Africa are now using the internet to search for connections and ‘best deals’ before making a decision on which airline to fly with across the region, and Precision’s latest measure will ensure that passengers can book their flight, pay on line and then print their e-Ticket all in one go. Travel agents have been reluctant to discuss these latest innovations by airlines, giving passengers greater freedoms to do ‘things themselves’ and airlines in turn are equally reluctant to discuss the percentage of direct e-bookings. Going by global trends however it can be expected that ‘direct bookings on the web’ will be a fast growing segment of ticket sales from here on in East Africa too, now that secure payment mechanisms have been developed and introduced following the approval by relevant authorities.

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