Tanzania breaking news – Prince Charles expected in Dar es Salaam today

Ahead of the Golden Jubilee, when Tanzania is celebrating its 50th anniversary of Independence from Britain later this week, will Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall visit Tanzania and according to available details tour the country before representing Her Majesty the Queen on Independence Day.
On the visiting programme are trips to Zanzibar and to Arusha and it was confirmed that the heir to the throne will use his presence in the country to discuss matters of mutual concern and interest with such bodies as the British Council, VSO, the WWF and a number of NGOs, the latter two undoubtedly briefing him on the ongoing assaults by the Tanzanian government on conservation areas like the Serengeti, Lake Natron, the Eastern Arc Mountains, the Selous and the Tanga Marine National Park at Mwambani.
Relations between Britain and Tanzania are cordial but not free of controversy and it is hoped that the generally outspoken Prince will divert somewhat from the script the High Commission and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office have prepared for him and address some of his own concerns vis a vis the development projects impacting on some of the globally most renowned national parks and tourism attractions, given that he himself is known to appreciate intact nature and of late President of the WWF UK chapter.
Meanwhile though it is a hearty congratulations to the people but also the government of the United Republic of Tanzania on the occasion of the mainland Tanganyika attaining independence 50 years ago.