Tanzania news update – Holiday Inn launches helipad and airport flights

Information received from Dar es Salaam has confirmed that the Holiday Inn has launched a helicopter service from the international airport to the hotel, cutting commuting time to around 6 minutes for guests opting to pay 140 US Dollars rather than being stuck in traffic. The service will be operated by Everett aviation services, which has been long established in Kenya and also has a branch in Uganda.
It could not be ascertained if the price for a ticket quoted was tied to any minimum numbers of passengers on any given flight or if the operator will carry the risk of occupancy.
Traffic in Dar es Salaam, but also in Nairobi and between Entebbe and the main hotels in Kampala is often a nightmare and commuting times from hotels in the respective CBDs has become such an issue that entrepreneurs have found a market niche to provide helicopter services for airport transfers. Happy Landings!

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