Tanzania to hold ‘Chef Challenge 2012’ to find the country’s BEST


The Hotel Association of Tanzania, in short HAT has passed on information about the upcoming registration period between August 15th and September 15th, during which chefs, professional, aspiring and those still at amateur level, can sign up to participate in the Chefs Challenge 2012 at the end of which Tanzanias best and most creative individual wearing a tall hat in the kitchen will be crowned.
Generous sponsorship has allowed the Chefs Association to waive any registration and participation fee and it is the support of such corporate entities like Coastal Aviation, LSG Sky Chefs, Red n White, Southern Sun Hotels, Hyatt Regency, Tanzania Breweries, Nederburg Wineries, The WaterFront, New Africa Hotel and Casino and the Hotel Association of Tanzania which has made this possible. Details on the competition are found on the HAT website www.hat-tz.org where the rules of the competition are available once the registration has been received and confirmed. At that time the registered contestants will also be provided with an ingredient list and a prescribed template to submit their own menu suggestion for the competition.
Preliminary rounds will be held between November 24th and 25th and after the finalists have been selected by a panel of eminent hospitality professionals, the endgame in the battle of the pots will take place on December 08th with the prize giving ceremony to take place at the Southern Sun Hotel in Dar es Salaam.
All hotels, resorts, safari lodges and restaurants have been invited to enter their chefs and cooks in the competition to spur creativity, encourage the use of local ingredients and provide their talented cooks with an opportunity to measure their skills and culinary ambitions against their peers. Superb prizes will be available for the winner and runner ups, such as a trip to Zanzibar by air or a weekend at Kipepeo, but other surprise gifts and bonuses for the winners and other participants will also be handed out during the final ceremony.
This is part of Tanzanias efforts to professionalize and improve food production and offer better quality. We must search for talent and then support them and see them get further sponsorships, opportunities to train further abroad to attain higher levels of experience and in the process promote Tanzania as a high quality tourism destination said a periodic contributor from the hospitality industry in Dar es Salaam before continuing: I personally can only applaud such initiatives by our hotel association to set such challenges and hope it can be extended to other areas of the tourism industry to make Tanzanians more professional and proficient in their work.
Be sure to read who gets into the finals and who carries away the first prize as Tanzanias best chef, so watch this space to stay abreast with news and updates from Eastern Africa.