Tanzania tourism news – TATO chief to step down


Following his election as a member of parliament last year, and for the opposition CHADEMA party no less, has the long serving Secretary General of the Tanzania Association of Tour Operators, Hon. Mustapha Akunaay, stepped down from his TATO position. He led the association from a small lobby group formed in the early 1980’s to a force to reckon with, representing over 200 members from all over Tanzania engaged in safari and tour operations.

TATO, itself part of the Tourism Confederation of Tanzania, has on many occasions successfully changed government policies and decisions and effectively interacted with TANAPA and other bodies to bring on board private sector input and avoid costly shortsighted decisions about tariffs and other rules and regulations, but also acted as a standards and ethics body to self govern the sector.

Akunaay has over the past 19 years, since he rose to the position of Secretary General, commanded the respect of his peers and made a change in the development of tourism in Tanzania.

He is now in his new role in parliament the foremost advocate for the tourism private sector and will as an opposition member undoubtedly keep the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism on its toes, knowing all the comings and goings and intimate details of the sector. TATO has now commenced the search for a suitable successor, after the announcement was made at the recently concluded KARIBU Tourism Trade Fair in Arusha, an annual key regional tourism exhibition organized by TATO.

Well done Bwana Akunaay, talk a bow for your achievements and all the best in your new role as the parliamentary eyes and ears of the tourism industry.


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