Tanzania tourism update – ‘Smart Partnership 2013’ set for Tanzania


The ‘Langkawi International Dialogue’ now better known as the ‘Smart Partnership Dialogue’ is set to return to Africa after Tanzania was given the nod of approval during this year’s session. The ‘LID’ is the brainchild of former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohammed when promoting greater ‘South – South’ cooperation between members of the Commonwealth, and while initially held at the Malaysian resort area of Langkawi soon spread to other member countries and was twice already held in Kampala over the past decade at the lakeside resort of Munyonyo.

The selection of Tanzania is also a recognition of the improved capacity to host larger global meetings as the ‘Smart Partnership Dialogue’ is expected to bring hundreds of overseas visitors from around the Commonwealth to Tanzania and hundreds more from the wider region, where Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Zambia and others belong to the Commonwealth and will find it easy to travel to Tanzania for the event.

No dates have been announced as yet, nor has the location been published but expect to read about it right here as and when details are available.