Tanzania Tourist Board launches competition for new tagline and slogan


The Tanzania Tourist Board has now officially launched its search for a new slogan and tag line, with contributions and participation open for everyone who wishes to put a proposal forward. The competition is running up to the 05th of June and the winner can expect to be gifted a safari to Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro and the Serengeti, courtesy of the Tanzania Tourist Board and their partners. Notably, and as a strong sign how the new media and in particular social networks have made inroads into destination marketing, will the contributions have to be entered on the TTB facebook pages via www.facebook.com/TanzaniaTouristBoard where one can also vote for eye catching phrases, though the final decision will rest with a panel of judges put in place by TTB. Alternatively go to the TTB website and get the details of the competition, terms and conditions or participation and other related information via www.tanzaniatouristboard.com/ttbslogan/