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(Posted 30th March 2022)

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Dear ATCNews readers and partners,

A lot has happened since our last publication. The exciting news is that there is a gradual return to normalcy, with regards to covid restrictions for travelers. Tanzania has also removed the PCR test requirement for fully vaccinated travelers. Coastal will, for the time being, maintain the present Covid policy. Global trends and events will be monitored and assessed, and reviews of the policy will be made accordingly.  Masks will continue to be worn by passengers and crew at all times.

Safety continues to be our number one priority and we remain committed to this. All of Coastal’s flights are operated in accordance with an accredited Multi-Crew competency training syllabus. All regular operations are conducted by two qualified pilots, incoordination, ensuring efficient and safe operations. Emergency scenarios are also regularly drilled, and tasks aimed towards rectifying situations are assigned to crew members. The roles assigned to the two crew members are designed to half the response time and balance the workload


The past few months have been quite eventful. We have linked discerning clientele to vast and varied destinations from the Southern Plains of the Serengeti, where the calving season is underway.  
Destinations such as the Okavango Delta in Botswana, Laikipia in Kenya, and Western Uganda are where our premier Pilatus PC12 has flown of late.  
The benefits of the comfort of the PC12 can not be overstated.  The reclining seats with swiveling motion make for a relaxed and comfortable flight. We aim to fly up above any weather en route – making for a smooth journey – accompanied by a choice of catering and snacks. This product eliminates the necessity and need for overnight stays in capital city hotels – and links our passengers with their ultimate destinations – reducing any need for mid-itinerary transit stops;

Contact us to discuss your Private Charter needs: +255 785 500 004 or aviation@coastal.co.tz



We would like to inform you of the surcharge INTRODUCED on all our routes.
Owing to the increasing cost of aviation fuel (which has increased by 35% over the past year), we have amended our fares as a result. Effective from 01st of April 2022, please be advised there will be a 7% Fuel surcharge applied to all new bookings and will continue until 31st of May 2023.  

We will honor the existing bookings on the system.

2023-2025 FARES

Our 23-25 Fares are now available and the system is open to accept bookings. 
Please note changes:

4% fare increase
5% non-commissionable safety surcharge Fuel surcharge falls away


Effective 01st of April 2022, any booking that has 3 or more legs will receive an additional 2.5% commission
For example, the Dar-Seronera route, although will show on the ticket as Dar-ARK-SERO, is considered one leg and not three.

Download Schedule and Fares


To avoid any hiccups in the parks, we are making it compulsory for passengers to add their Lodge Information when making a booking to/from Serengeti, NCAA, Selous, and Ruaha

All this is to prevent passengers from missing their flights.

While passengers arrive in the bush to enjoy the wildlife, it can be challenging to reach them via email or cell phone to update them on any flight changes.
Providing the lodge information will make it easier to be in touch with passengers in case of any flight changes. 

If you have any feedback or comments, please feel free to contact our Reservations Department at +255 679 009 999 or reservations@coastal.co.tz

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