Taxi price wars get hotter again as Mondo Ride too drops tariffs


(Posted 23rd September 2016)

Nairobi cab users are presently enjoying low fares as the giants on the market, led by UBER, Little Cabs backed by Safaricom, Taxify and others are now joined by Mondo Ride which has also lowered tariffs to counter the shift in market share to those with the lowest fares.
Mondo reportedly lowered their prices by some 20 percent to now 3 Kenya Shillings a minute and 45 Kenya Shillings per kilometre, besides not applying a tariff surge clause which UBER for instance uses whenever cabs are in high demand. Mondo’s base fare is set at 100 Kenya Shillings.
More such companies are also due to be launched in Nairobi soon, crowding the App based cab hailing service market even further but none offering the non smart phone option which Safaricom recently introduced for its Little Cabs which now allow users of regular phones to key in a Star / Hashtag number and get their cab the ‘normal way‘ but at the same low tariffs available to App users.
Additional good news come for clients who do not put the highest priority on the year of manufacture of a vehicle as slightly older models now offer a budget fare of just 35 Kenya Shillings per kilometre, a sign how intense the battle for passengers among the cab industry in Kenya has become.
There are more than 10.000 cabs in Nairobi, besides a high number of unlicensed off the books operators but there is often not a taxi in sight when it rains or during rush hour.

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