The Livingstone biWeekly – more tourism news from ‘Further Down South’

Courtesy of Gill Staden, here comes another edition of the #Livingstone bi-Weekly covering events in #Zambia, #Zimbabwe and beyond

(Posted 13th June 2018)

image88.png?resize=560%2C9999&ssl=1 readers can once again enjoy a fresh hot off the press update on Zambia and other neighbouring countries in Southern Africa … Gill is also the author of the book ‘Beyond the Victoria Falls‘ as well as several other guide books.


Elephant orphan rescued

Conservation Crisis game

Hippo cull in Luangwa

Protest against dam in Luangwa

Investigating elephant corridors south of Kafue

Witchcraft course at UNZA

Early burn in Kafue

Ping pong balls with chilli for elephant protection

UAE pledges development in Vic Falls Town

Solar plant promised for Vic Falls

Buffalo de-snared in Zambezi Park

Lion contraception in Namibian Kalahari

Giraffe translocation from Namibian Kalahari

Open Africa new route in Namibia

Vulture movement in Botswana

Okavango Wilderness Project in Angola more photographs

African Parks in Garamba, DRC

Some videos

World Wildlife Fund

A dam proposed on Zambia’s Luangwa river may have devasting effects on local wildlife, communities and the economy. WWF is working with the people that call the Luangwa Valley home to keep the river free flowing.

Kariba Animal Welfare Fund Trust


G: The water levels in Lake Kariba are back to normal after our good rains of this year. These animals have obviously got caught on a disappearing island as the waters rose.

Rise Zimbabwe

Wilderness Safaris

Zimbabwe is once again coming into its own, combining a wealth of scenic landscapes, remnants of ancient civilisations, incredible wildlife and adventures galore.

G: The other week I included an article about tourism numbers in Zambia going down. I wonder if it has something to do with the Rise of Zimbabwe?

Also notice in this video a clip of microlighting in Livingstone, Zambia. Surely it has to be a mistake?

Daily Mail, UK

This is the moment an elephant charges a safari boat filled with tourists in Botswana. The elephant was grazing peacefully in the Chobe River when it suddenly moved aggressively towards the boat.

G: This is a case of people behaving badly. No wonder our wildlife is fed up of tourists.

Warthog and mongoose

Photography World

BBC Earth

"I think that the whole natural world is in danger." – Sir David Attenborough

Bike lets you do laundry while you pedal

A smile

A Window on Zambia – Fishing

I have been working on a page about fishing in Zambia:

Please have a read and see if I have it right … I am not someone who enjoys fishing …

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