The Saint Ange Tourism Report – Volume 2 Edition 38 of 2018


(Posted 23rd September 2018)

The Editorial this week highlights:

a. Tourism Festival in Seychelles move to Praslin & La Digue. b.Oktoberfest in Seychelles.
c. Car Hire Operators Association and Taxi Association meet to work as one
d. Operation Cost for Tourism Industry – what is good for tourism is good for Seychellois.
e. Seychellois names recognised across the world of tourism – Kathy Mason, Joe Albert, Guy Savy and more.
f. Edelweiss inaugural flight on Sunday the 23 September 2018. g. Nualan Charles shared an amazing photo today of the milkyway shot from Bird Island.

Stand alone articles this week:

1.Seychelles Tourism Festival Edition 1 – 2018.
2. Sunset Cruise in Seychelles.
3. Club Liberté Casino and the traditional Oktoberfest of Germany.
4. Abu Dhabi to showcase cruise tourism credentials in Lisbon – the Indian Ocean Region must work with them.
5. New mobile phone app lets visitors to Seychelles book accommodation, learn about attractions.
6. Reunion Island rolls out special promotion in French market. 7. Anil Gayan : "We do not want to be a cheap destination" Remco Althuis – Air Seychelles : "The archipelago already has four tourists per capita and is close to what it wants to accommodate".

8. Big waves for Mauritius & Reunion – 24 to 26 September. 9. Scientists make breakthrough in war against crown of thorns starfish.
10. Eastern Africa Standby Force (EASF) met with journalists and news editors in Nairobi.
11. Seychelles’ Assumption island named a clearance port after Cabinet vote.
12. Aviation: Air Austral conquers southern Madagascar . 13. Edelweiss starts a direct and non-stop service with Switzerland.
14. Seychelles delegation to attend IFTM TOP RESA Trade Fair in Paris France.
15. Are people surviving in major tourism destinations happy? 16. International Newswires continue to republish our Report.