The Saint Ange Tourism Report – Volume 2 Edition 51 of 2018


(Posted 25th December 2018)

The Editorial this week highlights:

a. Wishing all my family, friends and collaborators in the world of tourism and all my dear friend from the Press Fraternity a Merry Christmas.
b. Christmas we can see decorations that light up our daily lives.

c. Coco de Mer Jam hits the market just ahead of Christmas.

d. Respecting and understanding the Arts and the island’s culture – Shamira Pillay for Seychelles on her way to China for Miss Tourism World Grand Finale 2019 – Artist Michael Adams launches his second book on his works of art – Mauritius Book by Jacqueline Dalais.

e. Recognition for Head of Communication of Regional Council of Reunion.

Stand alone articles this week:

1. Seychelles Tourism is worth protecting as an industry that has reached the status of "Pillar of the Economy".

2. Christmas Guide to Seychelles.

3. Seychelles Inter Island Ferry is a modern fleet of catamaran that operates daily reliable services.

4. Michael Adams launches new book on the Arts.

5. Victoria has a new restaurant in an old colonial home.

6. Delicatessen opens in heart of tourism centre of Beau Vallon.

7. Didier Robert’s Highway in Reunion remains the project of the century for the island.

8. Coco de Mer Jam from Seychelles arrives just ahead of a Coco de Mer alcohol drink.

9. Air Austral & Air Mauritius both go for cooperation with Kenya Airways – only one could win.
10. STB presents the tourism figures to partners during annual marketing meeting.

11. New FlyDubai destinations in Europe give passengers wider choices.

12. Cyclone Cilida passes Mauritius without a direct hit

13. Closing Notes.

As always is the full report available for readers through the following link:

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