The Top 10 highly demanded aviation courses of 2022


(Posted 14th February 2023)


Aviation’s strong recovery has propelled a demand for professionals to update and expand their skillset. This demand will continue to soar throughout 2023. What are the skills that your peers aimed for? We looked at the preferences of more than 8000 participants that took a course with an IATA instructor in 2022. These are the industry’s must-have skills:
All courses are available in classroom and virtual classroom.
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Dangerous Goods Regulations


The global market for dangerous goods shipments is increasing with lithium batteries alone growing by 30% annually. With DG regulations a necessity, compliance is difficult and requires mandatory training for professionals handling DG shipments. With DG training having shifted towards CBTA, professionals are seeking to acquire and maintain their certification in accordance with this new standard.
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Cargo & Logistics


All eyes on cargo and supply chains: the cargo sector had and has to withstand various pandemic-related and geopolitical tensions, requiring professionals and new joiners to acquire new, specific skills. Likewise, the booming pharmaceutical industry had bolstered demand for handling skills for temperature-sensitive shipments and created new job opportunities in the air cargo sector.
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Safety will always be the #1 priority in air transportation, making safety know-how a mandatory and indispensable skill. Stay up-to-date with compliance requirements and contribute towards a positive safety culture. Cultivate your technical, operational, and executive management skills.
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Airport &
International traffic rose by 102.4% in October 2022 compared to the previous year. Airline management and airport operations professionals focused on acquiring the necessary skills to deal with the surge in traffic volume. Meanwhile, quality management and auditing remain the goal to keep aviation safe as more planes take-off to the skies.
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