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(Posted 28th September 2023)



#TheFisayo: MA. in Tourism in Bag!

ATCNews Readers – 2 years don waka! Just like that…

God did it! I remember not wanting to do a masters in North America because I did not want to be in school for two years when I could just do my Masters degree in the UK for 1 year.

Whew! We did it! After so much tears through the rigorous process.

God did it!

The testimony is plenty, if you want to know more about the testimony click here.

Now that I have graduated what next?

You can find out more by following my journey on Instagram, where I share regular updates of what I am up to.

I also share tips to help students land scholarships or admission in Canada based on my experience.

I won 6 scholarships while I was a Masters student, and I shared how I was able to land those scholarships, you can click here to find out how.

I share these scholarship updates monthly on my Instagram as well, so if you know anyone looking to get a scholarship in a Canadian university, feel free to share them my Instagram page.

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If you want guidance on how to apply for scholarships in Canada, you can book a one-on-one session with me, or you can download one of my essay templates here.




If you want to study at Royal Roads University as I did, click here to begin your application, and myself and my team will be glad to walk you through a seamless process.


With over 40,000 engaged followers and 90,000+ weekly views across some of my platforms, I am open to partner with the right brand that wishes to leverage on audience to promote their products & services.

For partnerships and sponsorships, please send an email to hello@thefisayo.com.

Looking forward to seeing you win!

Option 2: One-on-one Canada Scholarship  Consulting Session
Option 2: One-on-one Canada Scholarship Consulting Session
Option 1: One-on-one Canada Admission  Consulting Session
Option 1: One-on-one Canada Admission Consulting Session
Option 3: One-on-one Combo (Study + Scholarship )
Option 3: One-on-one Combo (Study + Scholarship )
EMAIL Templates for Admission Scholarship
EMAIL Templates for Admission Scholarship

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