Travel from Rwanda to Uganda made easier as new One Stop Border at Mirama Hills handed over


(Posted 10th July 2015)

The new Mirama Hills one stop border post between Rwanda and Uganda, one of now 13 in the East African region, was during the week handed over to the border, security and customs agencies from the two countries now manning the new facility. Funded by Trade Mark East Africa is it one of the measures taken to improve the flow of goods when trading across the region but also encourage additional travel activities by cutting down on red tape and unnecessary bureaucracy when crossing the border. Citizens of Uganda and Rwanda can travel from one country to the other using ID cards or in the Ugandan case even voter’s cards after passport requirements were abandoned when the Coalition of the Willing, aka Norther Corridor Integration Projects countries fast tracked the movement of people and goods, something the East African Community at large had for long failed to do.

Mirama Hills is the nearest border crossing between the two countries for travellers coming from Uganda. The area is expected to also see the new Standard Gauge Railway line from the border of Uganda with Kenya, via Kampala and on to Kigali, built here and due to the terrain not likely go on to Kabale from where the Gatuna border is nearest.

Road developments on both sides of the border linking Uganda and Rwanda have also taken place, making travel by road, many people use busses between the two countries, easier.

The cost of the new border post was given as just under 8 million US Dollars and was constructed by Uganda’s Dott Services construction company.

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