#Travelife rollout in Africa enters new phase


(Posted 08th October 2018)


Travelife is currently working with relevant stakeholders to organize a training in various markets in January of next year. In the meantime as many stakeholders have already done – can new parties sign up now and begin the Travelife process online.

The EU has funded a large scale Switch Africa Green program which includes a 4 year support program to increase the social and environmental sustainability throughout the African tourism supply chain. Travelife therefore invites all socially and environmentally responsible businesses to apply to be recognized as a responsible African supplier to the international market. If companies are serious about demonstrating their business’s best practices is the organization happy to discuss partnerships and participation in further detail.

Green Tour Africa is supporting African tour operators, accommodations, excursion and tourism suppliers with internationally recognized and pan Africa relevant certification labels such as Travelife, Fair Trade Tourism Eco Tourism Kenya, Responsible Tourism Tanzania.

The qualification criteria of these labels are based on the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The process will advise market specific and reasonable requirements addressing government regulation compliance, business ethics, client communications and transparency, employee labor and human rights practices, health and safety, animal welfare, cultural heritage, environmental and social best practices. The user friendly online systems provides coaching to guide newly interested parties through their policies and support for the areas of which they may need assistance for proper compliance.

There is a well demonstrated global trend of agents and consumers actively looking to ensure they are participating in responsible tourism practices and supporting businesses who are certified to support their efforts to travel abroad with positive impact. These certifications provide a tremendous marketing advantage for you as a company to differentiate yourselves in a competitive market.

Green Tour Kenya was recently launched with the Kenya Association of Tour Operators, Eco Tourism Kenya, European Center for Ecological and Agricultural Tourism, in conjunction with Collaborating Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Association of British Travel Agents.

While the initial phase of this project is led from Kenya, there are resources for additional training and support for tourism companies throughout Africa who are committed to demonstrate their commitment to responsible tourism and best social, environmental and business practices

Globally tourism is one of the most important industries of impact to lift or suppress communities and economies. If a company qualifies and becomes a recognized Green Tour certified company they will be actively promoted to the EU & UK Buyers selling African tourism products. Many stakeholders have already engaged in this process, leaving non participants at this point to ask where they want to be in this conversation?

Click here for a list of the Travelife partner tour operators you would have access to once certified, that are committed to providing holidays with more sustainable hotels that protect and respect their local environment, the people who work for them and the local communities where they operate.

Available from Travelife are some basic overviews and the general criteria for hotels and operators to adhere to for the certification process.

For added information check out www.travelife.info

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