#Tsavo Battlefields Committee plans to launch countdown on 14th of June


(Posted 31st May 2018)

The Tsavo Battlefields Committee organising the November 2018 Commemoration marking the end of East African Campaign of 1914-1918 is preparing for the official launch in recognition and in remembering the forgotten of the First World War.
The event is likely to generate substantially more interest than was the case four years ago when the 100th anniversary dawned over East Africa of the Great War kicking off in Europe with massive artillery bombardments while in the regional war theatre remained quiet for some more time, especially as the German cruiser Koenigsberg and her supply ships had managed to sneak out of Dar es Salaam harbour undetected by the British naval force laying in wait for them off shore.

The Launch will take place at the National Museums of Kenya at 18.30hrs on the 14th June 2018 and is by invitation only.

Guerrillas of Tsavo Logo

It must be acknowledged here that, were it not for the indefatigable spirit, determination and drive of James Willson Esq. – the author of the book ‘Guerillas of Tsavo‘ – who went dozens of extra miles to research dispatches and orders at the British War Museum in London and other locations in the UK, much of what is today remembered would have been forgotten.

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