Uganda airline news – SN drops outbound fares by 25 percent


Competition was cited by a source close to Brussels Airlines in Kampala for their move to drop outbound fares by 25 percent, which is a promotion valid until the 13th of March, effective immediately.
SN is a regular visitor to Entebbe since the days of the old SABENA and operates 3 times a week with an A330, always in conjunction with another East African destination like Kigali or Nairobi.
The going is tough right now for many of the established airlines since Qatar Airways and Gulf Air have come to Entebbe late last year. And when Emirates ends their stopover in Addis in end March, that will add more competition because none of our clients ever liked that stop which only delayed everyone by an hour and a half from reaching either end. Luckily there is more traffic now to Uganda with the Lonely Planet campaign for Uganda and we hope the economy stabilizes enough for more Ugandans to travel again. Brussels Airlines is a good airline and we have the Belgian Embassy next door for Visa applications, so it is a good package said a regular source from amongst the leading travel agents.
Other airlines are bound to counter the move but with Brussels being a favourite airport for onward connections, of short ways and relatively fast processing of passengers entering the EU, SN is bound to have the element of surprise on their side and sales, according to the same source, are looking bright already. Happy Landings!