Uganda and South Sudan aviation breaking news – Gulf Air to commence flights in December


It was just learned that Gulf Air is joining the growing number of airlines from their home region as it intends to resume flights to Entebbe from early December onwards.

Only weeks ago were news broken here that Qatar Airways will begin daily flights to Entebbe from Doha and from early December Gulf will follow their ‘cousins’ by resuming flights to the Pearl of Africa.

The added capacity of an Airbus A 320, while not able to carry palletized cargo, will nevertheless be a boost to passenger numbers as well as for exporters as the cargo hold can be loaded with ‘loose’ cargo, i.e. flowers or chilled fish, fruits and vegetables, for which there is great demand in all the Gulf states.

Tourism and trade, but also investments are bound to benefit from the added promotion Gulf will afford their latest destination, and ticket prices will stay level, or might even drop, as special promotions will undoubtedly unfold both in Uganda as well as across the Gulf Air network.

In a related development it was also learned that Gulf Air will from December onwards also fly to Juba, the capital of the newly independent Republic of South Sudan. That route will initially see three flights a week, also to be operated by an Airbus A 320. Here has Gulf Air beaten their more senior rivals like Emirates, Qatar Airways and Ethihad, of low cost carriers like Air Arabia and Fly Dubai to the door, and will try to entrench themselves in the South Sudan as THE airline from the Gulf which came first to Juba ahead of the giants. Without doubt though will this initiative prompt ‘the others’ to also take a keen look on Juba and yet more airlines based in the Gulf region may join that route too, sooner rather than later.

For now however it is Happy Landings to Gulf Air on their return to Entebbe and for their new destination Juba. Watch this space for the most uptodate aviation news from Eastern Africa and the Indian Ocean region.

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  1. Am a uganda male aged 28years, so happy to know yo interested in this two upcoming countries in africa. its the rightway to flow in airways buiness. l was a cabin crew with airuganda in 2008 to2009. pliz in anyway i can help contact me and i would love working with you.

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