Uganda aviation and travel news – Emirates starts flights to Dublin, courting the Irish community

While St. Patricks Day is a long way off, Emirates marketing team will undoubtedly already scheme how to paint the sky in green ahead of that event, now that the airline has commenced flights to Dublin. The daily A330 service will connect Africa, Eastern Europe, India, Asia and the Pacific region conveniently with the Irish capital, arriving there just before mid day local time.
Here in Uganda, as in the entire East Africa, Emirates sales personnel have been pushing their preferred travel agents to highlight the new service to the extensive Irish expatriate community, now finally able to also fly Emirates enroute to the Emerald Island when they go home for their annual leave.
It could not be established though at this time if Irish beer, in particular Guinness will be served on the flight from Dubai to Dublin though experience with Emirates would suggest that their catering team will pay close attention to such important details.
The launch of Dublin is the 118th destination of Emirates and comes only days after launching Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires services, it was pointed out to this correspondent by a regular source at the Emirates office in Kampala which has notably stepped up the information flow since the arrival of rivals Qatar Airways and Gulf Air in Uganda in November and December respectively. Now why is that one wonders, tongue in cheek?

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