Uganda aviation news – Emirates set to increase Dublin capacity by 50 percent


A regular source at the Emirates office in Kampala has let it be known that the recent addition of daily flights from Dubai to Dublin / Ireland has seen such a huge response, that the airline will move from the presently used A330 to a B777, nearly increasing seat capacity by 50 percent compared to the present operation.
Dublin has been taken up very well by the Irish community in Uganda, and from across all of East Africa. We will soon offer nonstop flights from Entebbe to Dubai when the stop in Addis will be dropped and this will make our network for Ugandans even more attractive was the comment received on condition of anonymity.
The same source also indicated that Emirates will soon announce more destinations from across the world as new aircraft are being delivered with an even wider use of the giant A380, putting the rest of the world just one stop away from travelers from Uganda. Watch this space.