Uganda aviation news – Kajjansi at last gets AVGAS and JetA1 storage facilities

Information was received from the Kajjansi airfield and the Kampala Aero Club that they have finally been able to install their own AVGAS bowser and JetA1 fuel tanks near their hangar facility, allowing them to store sufficient fuel to cushion against the regular Shell induced shortages experienced over the past years.
Notably it the facility managed by a former Shell executive Francis Olul, leaving it is hell to deal with Shell according to a regular and outspoken aviation source wondering what happened through private initiative. Shell had for years promised to install fuel tanks in Kajjansi to support the increasing number of flights with light single and twin engined aircraft from that field, but not only failed to make good of the promise but repeatedly went backwards when reminded about it to the point of denying commitments altogether though made in front of witnesses, including this correspondent when mediating meetings between the protagonists.
AVGAS has been in notoriously short supply and regularly ran out in both Kajjansi and Entebbe, and with prices often half a dollar higher in Uganda than for instance in Kenya or Tanzania, again with feeble explanations by Shell, the sole importer of the commodity, they only ever made vague promises to look into it something which never happened.
No wonder that the sale of Shells African retail businesses were broadly welcomed but little if anything has changed since then, as even some of the key executives were retained who continue to mislead and agonize the aviation fraternity in Kajjansi. Well done KAFTC and barbs galore for Shell once more.