Uganda aviation news – Qatar Airways announces resumption of Tripoli flights


Uganda had close ties with Gadaffi Libya in the past and scores of Ugandan students were studying in Libyan universities while there was a constant flow of business travelers to Libya, seeking to export produce to the North African desert country while in turn looking for investments back home in Uganda.
The conflict brought air links to a halt while the military campaign to oust Gadaffi was underway, so news by Qatar Airways Kampala office that scheduled flights would be resumed as of next week were welcomed by regular Libya visitors. It is in particular the daily flight connections out of Entebbe, via Doha, which makes Qatar Airways an appealing proposition to fly to Tripoli, as ties have once again resumed after the Ugandan government has unfrozen the assets held by Libya in Uganda.
Qatar Airways is the latest in a string of airlines to resume full operations to Tripoli now that peace has returned to that country and the safety and security of flight operations has been fully restored.