Uganda aviation news update – Shell rockets AVGAS price to USD 2.71


Shell has been accused by sections of the aviation fraternity of blatant exploitation, with the word ‘racketeering’ not being formally spoken but certainly floating between the lines, when their latest price for AVGAS rockets to US Dollars 2.71, compared to Nairobi’s Wilson Airport, where the commodity sells at US Dollars 1.90 only. Considering the transportation cost of about US Cents 25 per litre, this type of aviation fuel ought to sell in Kampala or Entebbe at 2.15 US Dollars or slight above that, but clearly market mechanism her have failed exposing Shell as the ruthless monopolist and corporate gorgon.

Aviation sources in Kajjansi claim that Shell has refused to discuss the price rise and were not willing to discuss their reasoning for the exorbitant charges, which prompted a 10 percent rise in charter flight cost for any flight out of Entebbe and Kajjansi.

It is understood that the airlines affected have plans to involve the Civil Aviation Authority, which has given Shell a concession to market fuels at Entebbe and the Kajjansi airfield but no card blanche to rip off the air operators and making flying literally unaffordable.

Shells’ African retail market exit has not yet been fully concluded and the general mood amongst those most affected is now ‘good riddance to bad rubbish’, while one particularly outspoken aviator revived the slogan ‘Shell is Hell’. Well, who am I to argue with this under such extraordinary circumstances.

Watch this space.

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  1. I read your article with great interest and I am appalled by the actions of Shell. I work for Sergeant Oil & Gas, a Texas based company that has been in business since 1976, which is an unbranded dealer for ConocoPhillips selling aviation gasoline (100LL) internationally. The specs are ASTM D910. We load Isotainers (~6,200 gallons) Exworks at the ITC terminal on the Houston Ship Channel (Gulf Coast) and also sell in bulk quantities (minimum 5,000 barrels) which are loaded at the port in Freeport, TX. The minimum quantity we load is one (1) Isotainer (no drums). Is it possible to ship Isotainers to Uganda? How does Shell get their product into the country?
    Please give me a call at 713-266-5778 or email me at if we can be of service to you. I would like to be an alternative to Shell for AvGas. I know I can offer a more competitive price.

  2. Hi, if you are interested in drummed avgas we can supply for RSA.