Uganda conservation breaking news – Female rhino calf named ‘Malaika’



(Picture courtesy of Mrs. Angie Genade, ED / RFU and ZRS)


The Rhino Fund Uganda / Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary have over the weekend confirmed that the most recent ‘addition’ to the rhino family on the sanctuary, has now been named. Aptly, the Kiswahili name ‘Malaika’ was chosen, which translates into ‘angel’.

The sanctuary now holds 10 rhinos, and the two more female adults are also confirmed pregnant, with ‘Bella’ expected to have another calf as early as late September or early October while ‘Kori’ is due to have her second calf towards the end of the year.

Tourist visitors to Ziwa can presently see the males and both pregnant females, which still have their first born calves with them. Those however will be ‘chased off’, and going by experience rather abruptly and even harshly, just as soon as the females have delivered their newborn calves and will then eventually join their ‘brothers’ in roaming the sanctuary on their own until they reach maturity in a few years time.

Watch this space for upcoming announcements on the births of rhinos 11 and 12 on Ziwa just as soon as it happened.