Uganda conservation news – Big Bird Watching Day goes underway

The tourism and conservation fraternity is today, in fact since midnight, listening for bird voices and recording sightings for a 24 hour period, with birding enthusiasts given free entrance to the national parks and national forest reserves by UWA and the NFA. Uganda has nearly 10 percent of the global bird population with both resident and migratory species and for instance Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of the worlds richest bird watching destinations with over 600 species recorded there alone.
GeoLodges Uganda and GeoSafari have taken the publicity campaign for this event to the social media through regular twitter updates, where twitchers can tweet in results of sightings, allowing the wider world to follow our national bird watching day from anywhere on the globe.
This correspondent shortly after midnight already reported the sound of Ibis and Crested Cranes from his gardens at the lake shores, arguably kicking off the event as a first reporter but hundreds of birding enthusiasts will be out and about at daylight across the country trying to find as many birds as they can possibly spot. Results will be available here in coming days, where else, so watch this space.