Uganda conservation news – Grey Pratincole sighting confirmed in Queen Elizabeth National Park


Birding enthusiasts will be delighted to learn of this latest addition in confirmed sightings of birds within the Queen Elizabeth National Park, where last week the Grey Pratincole was spotted, bringing the total confirmed birds listed to well over 600 in this single location.
Uganda had in recent years added bird watching to its list of attractions, and birders from around the globe are doing pilgrimage to one of Africas and in fact one of the worlds richest bird watching environments, with over 1.000 species, resident and migratory, to be seen.
The bird, according to available records, is principally resident in West Africa and only one previous sighting has ever been confirmed, decades ago in Burundi sole national park Rusizi.
That said, the extensive medium altitude tropical rainforest Maramagambo is thought to contain additional species not yet recorded deep in the forest, which is impenetrable and has not been opened to tourism on a significant scale as yet, although its potential, for forest walks, forest hikes and even a canopy walks are boundless. Queen Elizabeth has in recent years seen its confirmed bird numbers rise when species from the Congolese rainforest have crossed into Uganda and found a suitable habitat there. Log on to the countrys key tourism websites or for more information on Ugandas national parks and protected areas, the best time to visit year round really and to learn about the dos and donts for Uganda, the Pearl of Africa.

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  1. As part of the luxury safari holiday that my wife and I went on, we chose to visit a leopard research center. It was so incredible to see what they were doing there to help save one of the most beautiful creatures in the world. Our safari was mainly to see the bird life on holiday, we are both budding ornithologist’s and had such an incredible time.