Uganda conservation news – More controversy over Uganda Museum


On the very day that the new parliament, after swearing in all newly elected members of parliament, was formally constituted, did outgoing Minister for Tourism, Trade and Industry Hon. Kahinda Otafire stir fresh controversy when he pronounced at his farewell party at the ministry – a new government is also due to be announced imminently by President Museveni – that the building of a 60 storey tower at the site of the Uganda Museum would go ahead regardless and that those opposed to his ideas were ‘enemies of development’ while the Uganda Museum itself was tagged by him as ‘a museum piece itself’.

Legal teams representing several building conservation groups in Kampala will be closely monitoring if the current court order – the main case is still due to be heard before the High Court in Kampala – has been violated or the ministerial utterances amounts to contempt of court.

Sources closely associated with the case have expressed their hope that a new ministerial team, State Minister for Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities Hon. Rukundo was defeated in the last general election – will take a fresh and unbiased look at the damage done in the public eye in recent months, over the UWA saga and more recently over the Museum saga. As the saying goes, if there are no controversies create some.

Watch this space.