Uganda conservation news – UWA commission fails to play tourists


A range of rather unprintable comments were received overnight when it became known that members of the commission of enquiry publicly lamented the lack of funds from the tourism ministry to ‘visit the national parks’, ostensibly to ‘carry out their mandate’. Commission chairman, retired Supreme Court Justice George Kanyeihamba, is conveniently out of country already for several weeks after his notorious outbursts prompted a formal complaint by a former UWA chairman to the minister of tourism, while his fellow commission members rushed on trying to extract funds from government to finance, what can best be described as a sightseeing tour across the country. The commission is due to hand in their report by the end of August, arguably too little time now to go on a pleasure trip at taxpayers’ expense, but in view of witnesses having been called names and seemingly been ‘prejudged’ by in particular the commission chairman, the still to be published report is already being torn to shreds by critics who termed the entire exercise ‘Otafire’s kangaroo court’.

Meanwhile it was also confirmed that finally, several months after creating the stand alone Ministry of Tourism, a new permanent secretary was appointed a few days ago. All the best to Ambassador Mugoya in his new appointment, especially when he will have to face down Kanyeihamba upon his return and deal with whatever report is being put in front of him.

Watch this space as the final episodes of this unsavoury saga begin to unfold. 

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