#Uganda finally declared #EbolaFree again


(Posted 12th January 2023)


Uganda overall and the tourism industry in particular will breath a combined sigh of relief after the local Ministry of Health has announced that the country has, finally, been declared Ebola free again.



Achieving this goal was during this latest outbreak made more difficult as past full lockdown measures were not immediately applied, allowing infected individuals to move across the country and in the process infecting others. This made containment measures much more difficult to ultimately enforce.

In the past were outbreak areas immediately cordoned off and movement in and out of such areas prohibited, with the exception of medical personnel.

There was much speculation at the early time of this latest outbreak, why, with Uganda’s Independence Day celebrations imminent, tougher measures were not employed, potentially leading to a prolongation of the period needed to have the country declared Ebola free again.

Tourists intending to visit Uganda can now do so with travel insurances once again providing full coverage, something which was not guaranteed while the outbreak officially lasted and overseas insurances opted for caution.