Uganda Museum saga – no in junction but early hearing



The High Court in Kampala declined to grant an injunction which several building conservation and heritage societies had sought, to stop government from interfering with the integrity of the Uganda Museum. The judge however advised the petitioners that a hearing of the main case would be scheduled for Thursday this week to expedite the matter and reach an early decision. Should government however try to create facts on the ground between now and Thursday the petitioners should revert to him so that an injunction could be considered at that stage.

Other sources meanwhile pointed out that government simply has no money to build a 60 storey high tower on the site and more likely than not would the responsible ministry seek a private investor in form of a partnership. Two individuals associated with the group which has taken government to court also suggested that ‘this minister is notorious for his rash decisions. We cannot trust him that he will respect the provisions of the PPDA [public procurement and disposal of public assets act] and transparently advertise for a private sector partner or that their decision is now flawed or influenced by other factors we all know about. And what percentage will government get in such a partnership anyway, it will be another give away to well connected people. Leave this matter to the new government to discuss again when it is appointed by the president now that he has won his re-election. This minister is no longer suitable in our opinion to be allowed pursue this any further’.

Watch this space for updates, as and when available, from the court proceedings and the outcome of the suit.


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