Uganda news – Kanyeihamba report finally out and promptly comes under ‘fire’

After being denied yet another extension of the term of office for the controversial commission of enquiry into the UWA / PAMSU project has the long overdue report finally been submitted and was published yesterday.
In a sign of dissent however did the secretary to the commission apparently not sign the report although two other commission members, who had previously indicated they might submit a minority report, appear to have either changed their mind or yielded to pressure and affixed their signatures to the document.
Vengeful, acid and often personal attacks by Kanyeihamba on witnesses during hearings appear to have found their way into the document, which is according to a well informed source at the Ministry of Tourism already being scrutinized with the aim of highlighting errors and inconsistencies and publicly tear it apart and discredit it and its author.
In the cross hairs of Kanyeihambas report is amongst others the former Permanent Secretary Amb. Onen, with whom the controversial retired Supreme Court Justice had repeated run ins over office space and facilitation, i.e. the budget for his work, and has now conveniently repaid by calling for the Permanent Secretarys prosecution. Others recommended for prosecution are former Executive Director Moses Mapesa as well as current Acting Executive Director Dr. Andrew Seguya, with whom Kanyeihambe personally had several public spats.
This is pay back by Kanyeihamba for those he considered standing in his way, and in my humble opinion not based on fact but by other motives much more sinister said a usually well informed source familiar with the going ons in the ministry and at UWA to this correspondent yesterday afternoon.
The report also took aim at the current Minister, Prof. Ephraim Kamuntu, who was interesting enough not in any way connected with the events at UWA which led to the commission being established by his predecessor in office, but having denied Kanyeihamba a lucrative extension of the commissions term of office by another three months may well have angered the retired justice and let emotion get the better of him, making allegations against the Minister of Tourism which might well lead to a legal reaction by the minister as an individual and the ministry as a whole.
The one positive thing however now is that a report has been produced, no matter how skewed and tilted it might be in its opinions and can now be subjected to proper legal scrutiny, while seeing Kanyeihamba hopefully disappearing again into the obscurity of retirement. Watch this space for any legal action or potential prosecutions, as and when such developments occur.