Uganda news – Moroto bridge repair work ‘ready soon’

Torrential rains in Eastern Uganda in recent weeks have caused havoc conditions for road transport and when a key bridge between Moroto and Nakapiripirit was washed away, 6 districts were cut off from the rest of the country, including access to Kidepo Valley National Park. Information was now given by the Ministry of Works that a new bridge would be completed within the next two weeks, while work on at least 10 other bridges destroyed by flood waters was already in progress.
While most tourists visiting Kidepo fly to the park from either the Kajjansi airfield outside Kampala or from Entebbe, the roads nevertheless are of crucial importance for the wananchi but also of strategic importance as it links to the border triangle of Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan, where cross border cattle rustling continues to be of concern to the security forces in all three countries, often necessitating swift deployment by road. Emergency bridges have been put into place where practicable it is understood to allow safe crossing of rivers by trucks, busses and saloon cars, while repairs in the region are now ongoing after the rains have subsided.