Uganda news – Rhino Fund Uganda / Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary publish 2012 tariffs

As earlier indicated here has the Rhino Fund Uganda now published its tariffs for activities at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, which covers an expanded range of options for visitors.
Entrance to the conservancy remains free but those going out on gamedrives or the guided walks, to see the rhinos or to go for birding, will pay a fee at the sanctuary headoffice.
Accommodation is available at Ziwa with the guest houses remaining popular with families and the expat community visiting from Kampala but budget accommodation too is available, with meals for guests served at the restaurant, which is also open for casual visitors.
A more recent development on Ziwa is the new Amuka Lodge, which provides very upmarket accommodation for those willing to dig a little deeper into their pockets, but well worth it.
Ziwa now has 6 adult rhinos, 3 adolescent males and 1 female calf born a few weeks ago, with two more of the adult females expecting their babies in coming weeks. Watch this space for announcements and go to the RFU / Ziwa website for more information and details on the tariffs.