Uganda news update – 12th May announced as date of presidential swearing in ceremony


Another public holiday is the making as it was announced that the public swearing in ceremony, due to be held at the Kololo Ceremonial Ground, aka ‘airstrip’ was set for Thursday 12th of May.

A number of heads of state and heads of government from across Africa have been invited to witness ‘M7’s’ – as he is fondly known amongst his supporters – swearing in for another term in office, and preparations are in full gear to create a grand display including the best marching band and military parades.

Visitors to Kampala over that period of time are therefore reminded that once a public holiday has been formally declared, banks and government offices will remain closed for the day, as will schools and educational institutions, while hotels along the entire Kampala – Entebbe – Mukono sector expect to be quite full due to the number of foreign delegations expected for the occasion. Lodges too can be expected to sell out as the long weekend will undoubtedly attract a lot of Kampaleans, especially expatriates, to have a mini break in one of Uganda’s famous national parks.

Notably have Uganda’s end February elections gone peacefully and the opposition’s threats to call for civil disobedience over the election outcome were found to be empty words, as the people actually knew that the election for president was fairly fought and deservedly won by the incumbent. Hence, unlike in other problem countries on the continent where civil unrest followed disputed elections like in Ivory Coast, Uganda will remain on the path of economic growth and political stability for another 5 years, come 12th of May.

In a related development it is also expected that a new cabinet line up will be announced either shortly before or shortly after the official swearing in of President Museveni.

Once again, congrats Mzee and to another successful 5 years ahead.

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