Uganda news update – All roads lead to the Sheraton for a Turkish Food Festival


When the culinary mind strays to the subject of food festivals, especially here in Kampala, Oktoberfest would probably be first on the list of options, but again the Sheraton Kampala took the lead by organizing an authentic Turkish Food Week, coming up between May 16th to 21st.

James Rattos, the hotel’s recently appointed Director of Sales and Marketing and previously Food and Beverages Manager, ‘tied the knot’ with Turkish Airlines, now a regular ‘visitor’ to Entebbe, to arrange for this exotic feast and popularize Turkish delicatessen in Uganda.

Chefs will fly in, courtesy of Turkish Airlines of course, as will food stuffs, spices and other crucial  ingredients but also authentic decorations be shipped by the airline. The authenticity of the Turkish Food Festival will be enhanced by musicians and dancers who will try to give the Ugandan and expatriate community attending the event a peak into the variety of a country which has its roots in both Europe and Asia Minor.

Alongside the event will an artist from Turkey paint his Ugandan impressions, to be displayed at a later stage. Food addicts, take notice, there is a new menu coming to town, and as often all roads for that lead to the Sheraton Kampala Hotel.

In a related development has a source close to the Turkish Airlines office in Kampala expressed satisfaction with load factors since flights between Istanbul and Entebbe commenced last year, attributing it to amongst other reasons the attractive fares, the airline being a member of Star Alliance and offering an extensive and still growing route network across Western and Eastern Europe and to the rest of the world.

Watch this space.