Uganda news update – CHOGM prosecution ends former Vice President in remand jail

The unfolding prosecutions over allegations of misuse of funds for the 2007 Commonwealth Summit have claimed their first major scalp when former Vice President Prof. Gilbert Bukenya saw his bail cancelled, when the anti corruption court committed him for trial to the high court. While it is expected that his lawyers will request bail first thing in the morning, which considering that he is no flight risk would be a possibility, prosecution will oppose this citing the possibility of meddling with the case while out.
Not long ago had President Museveni in fact expressed a strong opinion that Bukenya should not be prosecuted but the Inspector General of Government thought otherwise and went ahead nevertheless.
This development is sending the chills through a large number of others who have been cited on various occasions as having been involved too in shady deals back then and the IGGs office is thought to have at least another dozen cases pending and ready to go to court, bolstered by their success to have the former Vice President actually committed to trial inspite of various legal challenges to oppose his prosecution.
CHOGM prosecutions are seen as a litmus test for the Ugandan governments real willingness to fight corruption which has over the past two decades eaten its way like a cancer into almost every aspect of public life, and while the NRM election manifesto was clear on their stand against corruption, it is now to be seen just how serious this is being taken. Watch this space as this saga continues.