Uganda news update – Current situation report on Nile river accident


The latest information from Chobe Safari Lodge indicates that the wreckage of the stricken, and only recently imported river boat, has been spotted and is due to be recovered and brought back to the lodge to also provide clues and evidence in the unfolding enquiry into the tragic accident.

Sadly though, by late this morning no news of any further survivors have been received inspite of an ongoing search operation by a combined UPDF, UWA ranger and lodge staff force, supplemented by chartered aircraft searching the entire length of the river time and again between Chobe and the Murchisons Falls, as well as below the falls.

While there is still some remaining hope, it has however dwindled considerable and by the end of today the search and rescue mission is likely to turn into a recovery mission, as two of the stricken boat’s passengers are still missing. Our all prayers are with their families and friends, who remain in deep distress and have requested that the names of those missing – known to this correspondent – be withheld until certainty of their fate has been established.

A source close to the lodge has also confirmed that they will leave no stone unturned to find the two missing individuals regardless of the time needed or the cost involved.