Uganda news update – Museum safe for now as court grants injunction


The High Court in Kampala has granted an injunction against the planned destruction of the historically important Uganda Museum, preventing government from interfering with the building as it stands now.

The controversial minister for tourism, trade and industry had some time ago announced the museum had to make way for a 60 storey high ‘Trade Centre’ – notably not even ‘Tourism Centre’ – before eventually, when realizing the strength of sentiment against his plans, feebly trying to adjust his position that the museum building would be ‘integrated into the new design’. This however was not enough for the judge, who also reminded government that the sworn affidavit submitted to him, that the museum would ‘not be touched’ will be the foundation for future action against government of contempt of court and perjury for false sworn statements, should they change their position in the future.

While there is relief amongst building conservationists in the city, one of them overnight said: ‘let us wait and see if government appeals, to gain some freedom to interfere with the museum, but for now we have succeeded in our case and court has sided with our argument that irreparable damage would be done to our country’s history and heritage, should the ministry be allowed to proceed with knocking it down for progress as they call it.’

Watch this space for any future updates.