Uganda news update – No cause for alarm, tourists told


Officials in Kampala have confirmed that two more suspected Ebola cases were reported in as the measures of the Ministry of Health and WHO officials to contain the disease were intensified to prevent any further spread beyond the immediate areas where the present outbreak was found.Confirmation by the Uganda Virus Research Institute is now being sought after supplying them with samples while other samples were sent to the CDC in Atlanta as a matter of urgency.

Tourism officials have in the meantime calmed the waters by pointing out that tourists are not ordinarily travelling to the location of the outbreak and would now not be able to as containment measures were put in place to strictly control movement in and out of those isolated areas. They also pointed to the success story of dealing with a recently ‘imported’ outbreak of Yellow Fever and the last Ebola outbreak some years ago, where the swift and comprehensive reaction by the Ministry of Health and their WHO colleagues swiftly contained the disease and in fact produced hitherto never recorded high survival rates.

Visitors to Uganda should consult the UTB website at and take any normal precautions vis a vis recommended and required inoculations and malaria prevention. Enjoy your visit to the Pearl of Africa, to track our mountain gorillas or see the splendor of our national parks, the source of the River Nile and Lakes Victoria, Albert, Edward, George and Kyoga.

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