Uganda news update – Parliament gets a does of their own medicine


The Ugandan public wasted no time in jubilating when word spread yesterday that Parliament, the source of much of the country sitting in darkness at present night after night, was finally given a dose of their own medicine when ‘loadshedding’ reached the chambers of the house. MP’s reportedly slowly filed out of the main chamber, after the generator also failed to work, with some hard heads immediately blaming UMEME for ‘retaliation’, which if at all true – though definitely not expected to be – would only increase the ‘Schadenfreude’ of ordinary Ugandans. Social media networks in Kampala were immediately teeming with acid comments, some demanding that power remains cut until parliament votes to release the required funds to government to clear subsidies backlogs and get production of electricity in full swing again, while yet others demanded that the houses of MP’s be cut off too until the relent and get down from their high horses and stop antagonizing the country with their eccentric ego trips.

Business on previous days too had reportedly been interrupted several times by powercuts, driving the message home loud and clear that parliament does not work in isolation from reality and should equally suffer from such problems as normal Ugandans do too.

And as this story is filed, what else, there is no electricity and light provided again via an inverter battery back up system.