Uganda news update – Tragedy strikes travellers as flash flood hits their vehicle


A group of Ugandan traders, returning home after completing their business in Southern Sudan, were reportedly swept away by a sudden flash flood, as they spent the night, probably unknowingly, in a dry river bed where their vehicle had gotten stuck.

The horror news reached Uganda overnight but seems to have happened already earlier in the week. The river Rumula at this crossing has no bridge and busses, lorries and 4×4’s cross when the river is dry, something the vehicle carrying the Ugandans attempted but got stuck in the soft sand.

Not wanting to abandon the vehicle, and seeking the safety of it instead of sleeping on the ground – the area is also still  frequented by game and predators – the group was probably surprised in their sleep when by the onrushing water after suspected heavy rainfall in the Congo, from where this particular river originates. Condolences are extended to the families and friends of all those who so tragically perished in this incident.