Uganda news update – UWA Commission of Enquiry Chairman calls former minister ‘incompetent’


‘Your submission indicates that you were incompetent as a minister’ were the words used by controversial retired Supreme Court Justice George Kanyeihamba, after the immediate past Minister of State for Tourism Serapio Rukundo gave his testimony, having been summoned too by the Commission of Enquiry.

Often called ‘Otafire’s kangaroo court’, going by public comments and social network contributions, the commission has been delving into the PAMSU project undertaken by UWA and financed largely by World Bank loans. Often quoted in the media for complaining about uncooperative witnesses, alleged office break ins and lack of funds, the commission is seen as the long end of ‘Otafire’s misrule’ at the Ministry of Tourism, Trade and Industry and few expect to see anyone who was ever mentioned or appeared before the commission to escape without at least some mud thrown at them.

Local media too made a mess when publishing allegations made before the commission about the Rhino Fund Uganda and the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, and only most reluctantly published the statement of fact submitted to them by RFU’s Executive Director Angie Genade, with their ‘journalists’ present at the enquiry’s sittings often frankly lacking the capacity to correctly reflect and interpret of what is the truth and what is fiction.

That said, former state minister Rukundo is also awaiting details from the office of the Inspector General of Government, which is investigating allegation of misuse of CHOGM funds from back in 2007, if he is to be prosecuted over his alleged involvement.

Rukundo lost his re-election bid during the general elections earlier this year and was subsequently dropped from his ministerial position. 


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