Uganda news update – Where did the allegations against the Minister come from?

There is speculation that a source from within the Commission of Enquiry could have deliberately leaked unsubstantiated allegations that Prof. Kamuntu, now the Minister for Tourism, has accessed UWA money to inoculate his cattle against foot and mouth disease. Prof. Kamuntu denied any such charges while he answered to the media over his directive to the commission of enquiry to wind up their work and immediately submit their report, something which clearly did not go down well with the commission chair, retired and ever more controversial Supreme Court Justice George Kanyeihamba. He in turn seems to have cast aside the ministers directive and directly written to the office of the president asking for yet another extension of his commissions term, after the expiry of a concessional extension by already three months earlier in the year.
Usually well informed sources said on condition of anonymity: we cannot rule out that such attempts to smear our ministers name could have come from there. It seems that someone found something in their files and could have used it. We just dont know. But as for me, this would be a clear violation of their mandate. They should write the report and bring it for study. They should not release any such information at this stage when witness hearings are long over and try damage someones reputation because he might be opposed to some of their requests.
For more twists and turns in this long running and damaging saga, watch this space.