#Uganda postpones POATE 2023 to April as preparations lag behind



(Posted 16th January 2023)


Reactions to the announcement last week by the Uganda Tourism Board, that the country’s international tourism expo POATE would have to be postponed by 2 1/2 months, have varied from upset to angered to relief among the local tourism fraternity.

The first announcement was like a shot from the hip, almost if someone realised they had to do something and went ahead with a date. It is obvious to us here that they were simply not ready to host the expo in February and it finally sunk into the heads of those responsible that it would cause a big embarrassment if the show would be a half cooked event. Still, shame on them for messing around with dates as if people had nothing better to do with their time than to accommodate such changes said one regular contributor to ATCNews while another added: ‘At least they owned up to their poor state of preparations for a February date and added themselves time. However, it is never a good sign when a date has been announced and people prepared to come to Uganda for the POATE 2023 edition only to be told that it would now take place end April.




The original show dates were February 08th to 11th, i.e. less than a month away and the new dates were given as April 26th to 29th.