#Uganda: Respect, Sustainability and Going Green – instead of ‘Greenwashing’ are the core values of a new tour operators association

(Posted 23rd March 2022)

A new association for tour operators will be officially born on the 24th of March, when the launch will take place at the Latitude Hotel in Kampala.

The organizers expect the attendance of the Minister for Tourism and Wildlife as well as the heads of the Uganda Wildlife Authority and the Uganda Tourism Board, among other government officials.

Said one of the organizers to ATCNews: ‘Some of our key projects will be the reduction of plastic waste in national parks [and game reserves] as well as a major tree planting programme for visiting tourists, both to be undertaken in cooperation with UWA. We are also engaging to ensure the well being of Bugoma Forest, plan to actively support UTB for the rebranding of Destination Uganda and organize joint attendances with them of key tourism trade fairs and exhibitions.

Also very important are the respect among members and transparency in how association affairs are being conducted.’

Sustainability is of key importance to an adventure and nature destination like Uganda, as are true ecofriendliness and of ‘Going Green – Staying Green’, instead of greenwashing, which remains a phenomenon when talk is not backed up by real action.

More information about the association, its initial leadership and upcoming events will be published by ATCNews over the coming days and weeks.

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