Uganda tourism news – Two more gorilla families habituated for tourism

The Uganda Wildlife Authority has confirmed the coming on line of two newly habituated gorilla groups for tourism activities this November in Bwindi National Park. Both new gorilla families, named Oruzogo and Kahungye will be located in the Southern part of the park, bringing the total number of daily permits available in Uganda to 64, as the 8 groups available for tourism purposes can cater for a maximum of 8 tourists each per day.
This will take Uganda amongst the three East African gorilla countries of Rwanda, Congo DR and Uganda to the top in terms of daily permits, although it is understood that the presently 7 gorilla families habituated for tourism in Rwanda may also soon see another one or two groups added.
Uganda has reportedly also broken ranks with her neighbours over a previously agreed common fee for tracking gorillas which has strained relations in terms of cooperation on other issues according to a source from Kigali, after a downturn in demand for permits in Uganda, following political events earlier in the year, sent the sector into a rushed and panicky reaction according to the same source from Rwanda.
Take up of the added permits in Bwindi is expected to be high as gorilla tracking remains Ugandas best known tourism attraction, though plenty of more parks and adventure activities are on offer across the country. Visit or for more information about the country and its national parks and other protected areas.

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