Uganda tourism update – Road link to Kidepo made difficult as bridge gets swept away

The present torrential rains in parts of North Eastern Uganda, which already claimed dozens of lives last week when another mudslide coming down the slopes of Mt. Elgon killed dozens of villagers, have now disrupted transport to the Kidepo Valley National Park. The Kaboong bridge was reportedly swept away, cutting the road link between the district headquarters and the park itself, making road access to this already remote park even more of a challenge. Ministry of Transport officials conceded that the bridge was gone but also said that repairs could only be made when the rains recede, as the continuous flash floods after intense downpours would make work impossible.
Kidepo National Park, Ugandas most remote, is nestled in the border triangle with Kenya and South Sudan and generally accessed by air from either Entebbe or Kajjansi. While designated as an international airfield and operated by the CAA, nevertheless special arrangements have to be made to have a customs and immigration officer present before flights directly into Kidepo from the region can be cleared without needing to land in Entebbe first.
The Apoka Safari Lodge, owned and operated by Wild Places Africa, is a luxurious facility in the heart of the park, overlooking the Kidepo valley, but self camping facilities are available through the UWA park headquarters while a newer safari camp, outside the park enroute from Kitgum, is now also open.
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