Uganda Wildlife Authority suspends climbs to Rwenzori Mountains highest peak


(Posted 14th May 2024)




The Uganda Wildlife Authority has, with immediate effect, closed the access to the Margharita peak, the highest of the Mountains of the Moon, aka Rwenzori Mountains.

As explained briefly in the notice shown above is climate change the primary cause for the route closure, as the global warming has also not bypassed East Africa’s snow capped peaks.

Already some years ago has ATCNews warned of the potentially devastating effects of the melting of the Rwenzori glaciers, in particular vis a vis the slowing down of water run off from the mountains and the impact on domestic, farming and lifestock users.

Now, as explained, have crevaces opened up along the route used across the glacier towards the peak, endangering the lives of tourists, porters and guides.

Other peaks of the Rwenzori Mountains like Speke, Baker and the Stanley range remain accessible.

Also open for hiking are the often underestimated but nevertheless spectacular foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains,  which are not seeing the number of tourists the area deserves.

ATCNews will keep readers posted on progress of installing a ladder system up Mt. Margharita which could lead to the reopening of summit climbs.


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