University of Seychelles enters into partnership agreements with Mauritius’ top resort groups


It was confirmed during the week, that the University of Seychelles has signed partnership agreements with two leading Mauritius based hospitality groups, to provide for industrial training and work place experience for their hospitality management students presently studying for their Bachelor Degree.
Beachcomber Hotels, one of Mauritiuss top brand names in the resort business and The Shanti Maurice will provide training for the 17 students presently enrolled for the hospitality management degree course, which is offered in partnership between UniSey and the Seychelles Tourism Academy.
It was also learned that Constance Hotels, which operates top rated resorts on Mauritius and also on the two Seychelles islands of Mahe and Praslin, will be joining hands soon too as part of the groups commitment to promote the vocational and professional education and training of hospitality personnel.
First year students of the course will undergo a12 week training at participating resorts, with a further 8 weeks for year two students, while for final year students plans have also been revealed that they might be sent for attachment to France to acquire yet more skills before graduating.
The agreement was supported by the Seychelles Tourism Board, which oversees the functions of the Seychelles Tourism Academy, and where there is keen awareness of the need to constantly train and add skills to the indigenous Seychellois workforce, allowing them to build a life time career in the archipelagos tourism industry.

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  1. Is there a Philosophy of Hospitality Education at the University of Seuchelles?

    The philosophy of hospitality education seeks to study the process and discipline of both hospitality and education in order to understand how each works, and improve its methods and perfect its applications in the wider society. The philosophy of hospitality education ultimately seeks to improve hospitality education, its systems and methods for the betterment of the society it serves. Ideally, it informs and raises the quality of curriculum, teaching methods and the overall educational experience.

    Hospitality Educators have a tremendous responsibility not only to prepare students for their lives ahead, but also to contribute to the evolution of knowledge for future generations. Ultimately, these philosophies can effectively further the evolution of society. Each generation educates the next, and as the torch is passed we refine our methods. Our knowledge base grows richer and more accurate. Hospitality Educators set the tone in the classroom, and the performance of students often rises (or fails) to match the expectations of the educator. A clearly defined philosophy of hospitality education is something that every educator should cultivate, and it can contribute to overall quality of life for the individual student. How does the university assure the quality of the placements in the industry? Are the mentors in industry qualified to mentor young people on the threshold of their careers?

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